Hey Stranger.

Welcome to my About Me section, where I could tell you all the big things about myself.

But I’d rather tell you about the little things. Because that’s where I find joy. Small things like… finally breaking in a new pair of shoes after getting blisters for two months straight. (I love that.) Or getting a small pint of ice cream to celebrate a hard day’s work. (I deserve it.) And, yes, I also love to scream my heart out to Barry White in the car (I hope you’ve enjoyed the music).

But what I love the most is capturing the small memories I share with people I love through images. Creating portals to little worlds through photographs that feel like you can jump right back in time. I love focusing on the candid, carefree moments where we are our most authentic selves. It’s creating these little worlds and seeing the joy it brings others that makes me happy.

With that being said, welcome to my little world. Enjoy… hangout for a while.