NotHangover, presented by NotCo, is a one-and-done probiotic shot that is taken before you start drinking to make you feel great the next morning. When it comes to extreme partying, NotHangover is ready to protect from what the following morning usually has to offer.

Out of home advertisements will be strategically placed in places where you may find yourself hungover.


The Never Party Unprotected campaign will also include a redesign of the packaging.


NotHangover is so sure of its ability to prevent next day troubles, that they will ensure you’re not hungover. 

Should you somehow have a hangover in the morning, call the number on the back of the card and get a free glazed donut at Dunkin Donuts.


NotHangover will also create branded safety gear merchandise for bouncers and bartenders to wear in and outside of clubs and bars. You will be able to purchase them yourself on the NotCo website.


On big-drinking holidays, NotHangover will host “Yes Day” pop-ups at cities around the United States. NotHangover will be offered before the big night out, and events will be hosted by NotHangover and Adrenaline Experiences the next day.


AD: Kelly Haworth, Dahlia Nin
CW: Bridget Cleary
Editor/Producer: Dahlia Nin