Football fans are often unapologetic when it comes to showing support for their teams, and we know that fans are hungry for more rivalry. Velveeta is here to raise the stakes through the Velveeta Queso League, a head-to-head competition that pits football and queso fans against one another.

Each NFL team will work with their fans to create queso recipes that are unique to their team and will compete in an elimination showdown for the nation’s best queso.


Velveeta will kick off the Queso League with a brand new app that allows fans to participate in this interactive event.

Out of home advertising will additionally be placed around sports bars and stadiums to help bring awareness to the event.


In correspondence with the Queso League, Velveeta will host sponsored tailgates with performances by Velveeta cheerleaders, and debut Velveeta x NFL jerseys.

AD: Kelly Haworth
CW: Brandon Farler
Editor/Producer: Kelly Haworth
Designer: Andrew Elliott